Third Byurakan Science Camp (3BSC)
22-27.08.2016, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO), Byurakan

The Third Byurakan Science Camp was organized on 22-27 August 2016 at BAO and was aimed at promoting BAO and astronomy among the Armenian young people as a potential scientific tourism centre. During 6 days, 25 pupils accompanied by the organizers and Byurakan young astronomers stayed at BAO hotel and benefited the science atmosphere and contacts with scientists, as well as had active rest. Areg Mickaelian was the Director of the Science Camp and Sona Farmanyan was the Coordinator. Mostly young fellows of BAO were engaged in the execution of the project. All duties were distributed among the team, so that each person took care for a definite task. Target group was 12-15-year-old pupils. The Science Camp had rather rich program, including Scientific, Educational and Social ones. A number of lectures were given on various topics of Astronomy by BAO scientists, observations and tutorials were organized. Various meetings and discussions, intellectual and sports games, social tours were organized as well.


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