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Being the pioneer of scientific (and astronomical) tourism, IAU South West and Central Asian Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (IAU SWCA ROAD) has initiated the creation of an astronomical tourism webpage for the region. The IAU South West and Central Asian Regional Office of Astronomy for Development implements international astronomical project focused on the region. Within the framework of the above-mentioned project “Astro Tourism” webpage has been created, which aims to introduce places of certain astronomical value that present interest for the astronomical tourism. Here you can learn about the history of astronomy and its development not only in Armenia but also in other countries of the region. The webpage also provides information on modern and ancient observatories, sundials, planetariums, space related museums and many more.

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Development of Astro Tourism in South West Asia

Astronomical tourism is the form of tourism that involves the sites with astronomical interest, historical and archaeological sites, modern research organizations (observatories, astronomical institutes), educational centres, space museums, planetariums, etc. It is part of scientific tourism. It may significantly contribute to tourism, as the interest towards science in the world is growing more and more. Astronomical tourism requires a tight collaboration between science and tourism, i. e. astronomical research institutions and individual astronomers on one hand (as well as amateurs and teachers), and travel agencies and experts in tourism on the other hand. Astronomical tourism may also significantly contribute to educational level by involving school pupils and students in cognitive tours to astronomical organizations. It also concerns the organization of scientific conferences and other events, as in this case a number of astronomers travel to the given country combining astronomy and tourism.


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Multilingual Astronomy Portal (MAP)

Multilingual Public Astronomy Portal is a great guide for the public interested in astronomy from all over the world. Through this webpage we draw a link between science and public and by this promoting informal education. Here you can simply navigate in 40 main landing pages and find the core links that you need. This is a unique webpage covering all the information related to all the spheres of public astronomy in 24 languages by this we involve public from all the corners of the world, as well as the webpage serves as a portal to astronomy for the South West Asian regional countries. Our team especially emphasizes the involvement of modern communication methods, such as forums, social networks, blogs, etc. Here the educational pages are also heavily involved. This webpage also supports IAU Division C activities (“Education, Outreach and Heritage”). Webpage menus fit its Commissions and Working Groups subjects and aims.

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